Thursday, May 16th, 2019 (am)

IA certification within easy reach?

8:00 • Opening, Stéphane Rouillon, Partnerships Senior Advisor, IVADO -  Gilles Savard, Chief Executive Officer, IVADO - Genevieve Fioraso, President, IRT Saint Exupéry - Alain Aubertin, President and Chief Executive Officer, CRIAQ

8:30 • Keynote speaker, George Romanski, FAA - "Challenges of AI / ML Certification for Avionics Systems"

9:15 <br>• Giuliano Antoniol, Polytechnique Montreal - What last year taught us: the magical seven plus minus two. "

9:35 <br>• Freddy Lecue, CortAix, INRIA - "On the role of trust and explanation for AI adoption in industry."

9:55 <br>• Jean-Michel Loubes, IMT - "Bias in Machine Learning: Challenges for certifiable IA" 

10:15 <br>• François Laviolette, Ulaval - "Certified Artificial Intelligence, Challenges and Avenues to Explore"

10:35 • Break

11:00 • Panel Annie ross, Polytechnique Montreal

Phil Cole, Marinvent
Grégory Flandin, IRT Saint Exupéry
Kevin Heffner, CRIM
Laurent Gardes, SNCF

12:00 • Lunch break
Thursday, May 16th, 2019 (pm)

A driving/flying license for an AI?

13:15 • Keynote speaker, Yves Jacquier, Ubisoft - "A.I.'s Game-Changing Impact."

14:00 <br>• Nicolas Saunier, Polytechnique Montreal - "Automated Vehicle Monitoring and Human-Vehicle Communication"

14:20 <br>• Mike McNair, Bell Flight - "Challenges of AI-Driven Vehicles."

14:40 <br>• Alain Tapp, UdeM - "Rationalization, the danger of AI systems that justify their decisions."

15:00 <br>• Brigitte Jaumard, , Concordia - "Prediction of Fatigue on Rotating-Shift Workers"

15:20 • Break

15:45 • Panel Patrick Dallaire, ULaval

Pascal Traverse, Airbus
Guillaume Gaudron, IRT Saint Exupéry
Martin Trépanier, Polytechnique Montreal
Houari Sahraoui, UdeM

16:45 • Summary, Mario Marchand, ULaval - Raphael Puget, Renault

17:00 • Networking Event - Stéphane Rouillon, Partnerships Senior Advisor, IVADO - Robert Beaudry, City councillor of the Saint-Jacques district
Friday, May 17th, 2019

Embedded AI, a challenge of model reduction

8:30 • Keynote speaker, Doina Precup, McGill - "Machine learning: impact on mobility"

9:15 <br>• Mathieu Serrurier, IRIT / IRT Saint Exupéry - "Adversarial networks for dimension reduction"

9:35 <br>• Yvon Savaria, Polytechnique Montreal - "Hardware support architectures and implementation methods for effective embedded AI"

9:55 <br>• Dave Meger, McGill

10:15 <br>• Jean-Marc Gabriel, Renault - "AI and embedded systems, new challenges for software engineering"

10:35 • Break

11:00 • Round table - Aurélie Hélouis, MILA

Guillaume Alleon, Airbus
Pierre Boucher, EnCQor

12:00 • Conclusion - Nicolas Asher, ANITI - Gregory Flandin, IRT Saint Exupéry