Francois Provencher

Pratt & Whitney Canada
Innovation Officer

As Head of Digital Innovation at Pratt & Whitney Canada, Francois Provencher deals with all emerging digital technologies (including, among others, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced robotics, etc.). Its main functions include technology watch, the diffusion of technologies within the company as well as the implementation of innovation management processes specific to digital technologies. It also actively participates in the development of an aero-digital ecosystem.
He was appointed Director of the Office of Technological Collaboration in 2013. This office is responsible for all research projects carried out in collaboration with universities and other aerospace companies. He has also been involved in a large number of organizations dedicated to research and education in the aerospace sector such as CRIAQ, the AIAC technology committee, GARDN, CAMAQ as well as SA2GE.
Previously, he worked at Dassault Systèmes as a consultant then manager in product lifecycle management. As part of his duties, he worked with major companies in the aeronautical and automotive sectors such as Boeing, Chrysler and Bombardier Aerospace.