Abdé Essaidi

Executive Vice President

Abdé Essaidi (Axionable) is Executive Vice President at Axionable, a leading developer of data and AI solutions for the socio-environmental transition. He first joined Axionable in Paris 4 years ago to contribute to its development and then founded its Canadian subsidiary in Montreal in 2019. Abdé is recognized for his expertise in managing data and AI-driven transformation programs and solution deployments in production. Today, he accompanies his customers in adding value to their data in the manufacturing, energy and finance sectors. Prior to Axionable, Abdé began his career at Accenture, the world's leading consulting firm, where he successfully supported several major international groups in their data-driven transformation. Abde holds a degree in mathematical engineering from ENSTA Paris.

A plea for change management support towards an IA of trust in organizations


AI today faces a paradox: on the one hand, opportunities for useful innovations and concrete responses to the challenges facing our Society, on the other, major risks for our planet and for people. Discrimination, model hacking, psychosocial risks and digital pollution are all unacceptable aberrations and externalities. To meet these major challenges and anticipate future regulations, concrete responses are being developed around the world, particularly in Quebec. Axionable proposes to share an overview of current initiatives to accelerate the spread of trusted AI in organizations.