Stan Matwin

Université Dalhousie
Directeur du Big Data Analytics Lab

Stan Matwin is the Director of the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Interpretability for Machine Learning. He is also a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the University of Ottawa and a Professor at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His main research interest is machine learning, particularly applied to data derived from the world’s oceans, text mining, applications of machine learning, and in data privacy. Stan Matwin is a EurAI Fellow, Fellow of the Canadian AI Association and a recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award.

AI, Mobility, Privacy, Ethics – A Conundrum


In this presentation we will first look at some of the issues related to data privacy in the context of ubiquitous collection of data about human and vehicular (and also animal) mobility. Keeping in mind that such data is also raw material for very important and needed applications, we will visit some examples such applications and the ensuing data access, privacy and ethical challenges. We will discuss certain minimal requirements needed for personal data protection in these applications. We will also consider some of the big challenges before modern AI and the recent proposal by Stuart Russell who formulated three desiderata for ethical and safe AI of the future.